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Turning your old jeans into NEW

The seed for circularity began in 2023 with AG’s recycled exploration of The Jean of Tomorrow™. We partnered with a denim mill specializing in transforming post-consumer materials to new fabrications. The result? An ambitiously eco-forward jean made from 95% recycled materials. Now in 2024, we’ve challenged ourselves to move sustainable denim innovation even further.

Circular Denim for a Sustainable Future.

Exploration #4 of The Jean of Tomorrow™ proudly introduces Revival Denim, a 95% recycled denim fabric made from old AG jeans collected through our take-back program. But it isn’t just denim taking on a new form—the pockets and hardware get reworked as well, right down to the rivets. With over 20 years of denim refinement, we’re still leading the way forward with a steadfast commitment to eco-friendly ingenuity. Welcome to the next chapter.



The future of denim sustainability is more than recycling - it’s reincarnation.

Our circular denim initiative is the latest exploration of The Jean of Tomorrow™.  A focus on longevity, rejuvenation, and eco-minded resourcefulness pushes our innovation forward. This new chapter extends the life cycle of garments already in circulation, keeping them out of landfills by allowing them to take on different forms. We’ve partnered with an expert denim mill specialized in recycling to ensure that our recycled products are broken down in the most efficient and eco-minded way, helping us turn post-consumer denim into new AG by weaving new fabrics from the processed materials and closing the loop. Meet our latest exploration.



Launched in Summer 2022, Exploration #2 examined natural dyes to eliminate the polluting petrochemicals and toxins found in common synthetic dyes. By using natural dyes, we were able to harness nature's organic color palette. The resulting collection was made with traceable organic cotton and finished with plant-based elements to ensure the capsule was 100% biodegradable and kind to the Earth. ‌Natural ingredients like madder root and myrobalan nuts were sourced from a farm collective in India, providing central support to the local farmers and their communities. The natural ingredients gave us vibrant terracotta oranges, pale pinks, warm browns, buttery yellows, and creamy sand tones. The exploration’s success led to AG adopting natural dyes into our main collection for a more eco-friendly process that helps to eliminate polluting chemicals and toxins.



Rethinking denim means thinking about tomorrow—considering everything from the fabric down to the intricate details like packaging. AG launched the first Jean of Tomorrow™ exploration in Summer 2021 in pursuit of clean, circular fashion. The 100% biodegradable designs that were developed used traceable organic materials sustainably sourced and ethically produced. ‌Labeled the most sustainable jean ever, the materials included organic cotton, grown without pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers, thoughtfully blended with one of the most eco-friendly fabrics in the world, hemp—a high-yield crop that produces significantly more fiber per acre than cotton and has a lower CO2 impact. Dyed with natural indigo and sewn together with bio-based thread, the collection was finished with natural corozo nut hardware and soy-based ink to achieve the most sustainable jean ever.