More Than Denim | Brandon Boudet

More Than Denim | Brandon Boudet

More than DENIM w/ Brandon Boudet

Chef / Co-Owner, Little Dom's

Nestled along a quiet pedestrian street in the hillside enclave of Los Feliz, Little Dom's exudes an authenticity that stands in stark contrast to the bustling development of the city. Renowned chef Brandon Boudet's vision for this unassuming Italian diner captures the essence of home-grown comfort. Drawing inspiration from Italian-American home cooking and the abundance of fresh local ingredients, Chef Boudet has created a haven where people gather to savor his culinary artistry and fall in love with every meticulous detail.

The Chef's Journey As we sit down with Chef Brandon Boudet, he shares his remarkable journey and the origins of his culinary passion. He fondly recalls learning to make a Gin & Tonic in the backseat of his parents' car—a humble beginning for a chef whose creations now grace the plates of discerning diners.

A Hub of Community For Chef Boudet and Little Dom's, supporting the community goes beyond just serving delectable dishes. The restaurant provides a welcoming space that locals consider their own—a place where the bonds of community are strengthened over shared meals and cherished moments.

Beyond the Plate: Crafting Dining Experiences Chef Boudet emphasizes that dining is more than just the food on the plate; it's about the experience. Little Dom's takes pride in creating an ambiance where every detail, from the decor to the service, contributes to a memorable dining experience.

AG x Little Dom's: A Perfect Pairing To celebrate the launch of the annual Made in Italy Collection, Little Dom's played host to both the campaign and release event. AG x Little Dom's curated an evening of culinary excellence, style, and nostalgia. With meticulous attention to detail, expert craftsmanship, and a commitment to quality, the collaboration embodied the essence of both brands.

Perfection: A Moving Target Chef Boudet leaves us with a profound insight, reminding us that the pursuit of perfection is an ongoing journey. The moment one believes they've reached it, they risk slipping into mediocrity. It's this relentless pursuit of excellence that drives Chef Boudet's culinary passion and defines the heart of Little Dom's.

In our conversation with Chef Brandon Boudet, we uncover the soul of Little Dom's—a place where culinary artistry and community converge. Join us as we delve into his inspiring journey and the unwavering commitment to quality that defines AG x Little Dom's collaboration.

“I think the way that we at Little Dom's support the community is we're providing them a nice great space that all the locals tend to come to.”