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Always Read The Care Label
Dry Clean Only

Delicate fabrics like wool, silk, velvet, leather, or specially coated denim require professional dry cleaning, but you can also dry clean your everyday jeans...

Hand Wash Only

Washing machines can be tough on fabric, possibly shrinking the cotton and stripping some indigo from your denim. Gentle hand washing can be the best option...

Machine Wash

Because life gets busy, the machine can be more practical, so here are a few tips to help preserve your lived-in look while also saving energy and water when machine washing...

Dry Clean Only

An easy and sometimes necessary way to preserve your denim and other specialty fabrics is by dry cleaning. Using little to no water, the process uses chemical solvents to remove stains while preventing shrinkage and fading.

Not to mention, dry cleaning can save up to 3 gallons of water per jean!

Bonus points for going to eco-friendly dry cleaners that use carbon dioxide detergent systems and absolutely no heat.

Hand Washing

The dos and don’ts of hand washing your denim

Launder less
Your jeans only need to be washed once or twice a month (or every 10 wears) to stay looking fresh and lasting longer. This way, you save water, energy, and the longevity of your denim.

Easy detergent
Using a mild liquid detergent or even vinegar can help reduce fading. Keep a light hand when handling your denim and make sure to let the fabric softener sit this one out.

Hang dry
Aside from using a ton of energy, dryers can be really hard on your denim. Lay your jeans flat to dry or line dry them inside out to avoid soggy pockets and fading.

20-minute resize
If your jeans start to feel baggy or loose, the dryer can be your best friend. To shrink your jeans anywhere from a half to a full size down, dry on low heat for up to 20 minutes after washing, and then air dry until wearable.

Machine Washing

Turn your laundry machines into green machines

We like to avoid the machine altogether when we can, but when it’s unavoidable, we have a few tips on how to keep an eco-friendly mindset to reduce your overall impact 

Wash with cold water to save energy

Not only does cold water reduce your energy usage by 75-90%, it also outperforms warmer temperatures when washing darker colors, removing blood or sweat, reducing shrinkage, and minimizing wrinkles.
To take it further, you can wash your jeans inside out with a mild detergent using the delicate and small load settings to conserve water and avoid fading. 

*Remember! Leave out the fabric softener and always make sure to separate your denim from lighter garments.

Don't overfill your dryer

If you’re crunched for time and must use the dryer for your jeans (we recommend air drying for all other occasions), make sure not to overload the machine. This way, your jeans have enough room to dry evenly and won’t take as much energy to finish. To keep your jeans in shape, stop the dryer halfway through the cycle and air dry to finish. If you’re planning on drying another set of clothes, put them into the dryer immediately after your first load is done to recycle the heat and lower your energy footprint.