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More Than A Woman | Leah Sibener

More Than A Woman | Leah Sibener

#MORETHAN A Women with Leah Sibener

In honor of International Women's Day, AG Jeans is dedicating the entire month of March to unveil the Women's Series of the MORE THAN Campaign. This initiative seeks to delve into and shine a spotlight on the multifaceted experiences of being a woman. AG has enlisted the voices of influential female leaders across diverse industries, allowing them to share their perspectives on culture, politics, the workplace, and beyond.

Leah Sibener: A Woman of Science and Impact Meet Leah Sibener, Ph.D., and Co-Founder/VP of Research at 3T Biosciences, an innovative immunotherapy company at the forefront of developing next-generation cancer therapeutics. Leah embodies the essence of being #MORETHAN just a woman.

Leah acknowledges that being a female in the sciences carries both privilege and responsibility. She reflects on her educational journey, where she stood out as one of the few women graduating with a major in her field. In disciplines like physics, chemistry, math, and structural biology, gender disparities in representation are glaring. The world of academia also presents a dearth of women professors and founders. However, Leah is heartened by the changing landscape and the increasing representation of women in these fields.

As she passionately expresses, "I hope that as more women enter science, medicine, technology, and STEM fields in general, there will be greater opportunities for girls to see women thriving in these careers. It won't be an oddity; it will be the norm." Leah's journey is a testament to the progress and the possibilities that lie ahead for women in STEM.

In the Women's Series of the MORE THAN Campaign, AG Jeans celebrates women like Leah Sibener, who transcend stereotypes and exemplify the idea that they are indeed #MORETHAN their gender. Stay tuned as we continue to explore the multifaceted experiences of remarkable women throughout this inspiring series.