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The Quality

The Quality

More Than DENIM | THE QUALITY Part 4 of 5

What makes a premium jean, premium? Is it simply a price point? An assumption of worth based on brand name? Or is there some sort of industry checklist that fulfills entry into the top tier—the highly sought-after “premium denim” space? If you guessed that such a checklist doesn’t exist, you guessed right. But here at AG, we believe in checking all the boxes and creating an even higher standard of quality—not just for ourselves, but for our loyal customers. 

To get a view into that process, we enlisted the help of two of our most knowledgeable directors to guide us through the checks and balances that have made AG Jeans (dare we say) a step above “premium.”

“It’s not just about the finished product, but how we get there.” 

- Ron, Men's Design Director

Ron holding AG jeans