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EmRata x AG

EmRata x AG

"This collection is a homage to the versatile woman who desires a wardrobe that mirrors her bold spirit, yet embodies a sophistication that transcends time..."

EmRata X AG: Crafting Elevated Classics for the Fearless Woman

As the hues of fashion week cast a vibrant glow over New York, AG Jeans stepped into the limelight, heralding a novel era in fashion that intertwines authenticity with daring innovation. We teamed up with the multi-faceted powerhouse, Emily Ratajkowski, fostering a unique fusion where classic meets contemporary, symbolizing a harmonic blend of our brand ethos and Emily's distinctive personal style.

Celebrating this collaboration, our newly appointed CEO, Glenn McMahon remarked, "Emily's infectious energy and meticulous attention to detail have breathed life into each piece, crafting a collection that encapsulates both the spirit of AG and the bold aesthetic that millions of women resonate with."

At the heart of this collaboration lies a fabric that is synonymous with Emily's everyday style - denim. A staple in her SoHo walks, captured flawlessly in miniskirts and Bermuda shorts, Emily has long been a fervent advocate of the AG brand. "The collection mirrors a cherished part of my wardrobe, embodying pieces that transition fluidly from day to night, forming essential elements that I find myself gravitating towards, time and again," said Emily, reflecting on the essence of this collaboration.

In a city where fashion narratives unfold at every corner, Emily has often been the epicenter, embodying the grace and allure that a well-crafted outfit holds in a casual yet captivating photograph. Her anticipation was palpable as she sported an enigmatic denim jacket earlier this summer, a teaser to a collection that encapsulates her fashion philosophies and sartorial wish list.

Diving into the heart of this collection, it embodies a symphony of sophisticated yet fearless staples that resonate with Emily's vibrant style journey. "Fashion once seemed a domain with stringent rules, a world that perhaps intimidated me a bit," Emily shared, reflecting on her evolution in the fashion sphere. But as she steps into a phase where she embraces the joy of dressing up, experimenting with bold prints and layers, she divulges a newfound freedom and joy in fashion. A sentiment echoed in her vibrant redhead avatar that signals a fearless, bolder era for her style narrative.

"This collection is a homage to the versatile woman who desires a wardrobe that mirrors her bold spirit, yet embodies a sophistication that transcends time," she elaborates, sharing the essence of the capsule collection. The meticulously crafted pieces, ranging from faux leather trenches to versatile tanks and turtlenecks, emanate a sophisticated allure that seamlessly integrates into the modern woman's wardrobe.

The standout pieces hold stories of their own, mirroring Emily's desire for a "grown-up denim situation". From high-rise comfort stretch jeans that almost mimic the grace of slacks, to vintage wash cotton jeans that promise both comfort and style, the collection marks a harmonious blend of fashion and functionality.

As Emily steps into this new chapter, she shares a revelation that perhaps mirrors the spirit of many women navigating the fashion landscape, "Understanding the rules has fostered a playground where I can explore, take risks without fear, and truly enjoy the art of dressing up. And sometimes, all you seek is the comfort and perfect fit of a pair of jeans that feels just right."

We invite you to embrace this bold, yet sophisticated narrative where AG meets EmRata, crafting a collection that promises not just a transformation but a celebration of self-assured elegance and style. Witness the unfolding of a fashion story that breaks barriers, echoing the symphony of fearless style and timeless elegance, priced between $98 and $625. Welcome to a world where fashion meets fearless innovation, welcome to the AG & EmRata collection.