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More Than Denim | Modern Design

More Than Denim | Modern Design

More than DENIM | Modern Design Part 2/5

When we speak of a remarkable pair of jeans or the perfect shirt, we delve into the essence of what truly matters. To grasp the core of our denim craftsmanship, we must journey back to its origins – the very concept. At AG, we do not subscribe to fleeting fashion trends. We embrace the philosophy of "slow fashion," where garments mature with time, transforming into classics that carry forward tradition and excellence.

The Designers' Perspective To gain insight into AG's unique approach to design, we've sat down with three of our talented designers, each with their own distinctive perspective on the craft. These conversations reveal what ignites their creative passion, the wellsprings of their inspiration, and the AG pieces that hold a special place in their hearts.

Krys: Senior Women's Bottoms Designer

“To do this, you have to love the entire design process.” - Krys, Sr. Women's Bottoms Designer

Krys shares her profound love for the entire design process, emphasizing that to excel in this craft, one must hold a deep affection for every stage of creation. Her commitment to perfection is evident in her work, ensuring that AG's women's bottoms are nothing short of extraordinary.

Sandy: Senior Women's Tops Designer

“I am passionate about design, but I love clothes.” - Sandy, Sr. Women's Tops Designer

Sandy's passion for design is matched only by her love for clothing itself. She recognizes that great design goes hand in hand with a genuine appreciation for the garments they create. Her dedication shines through in the exquisite tops she designs for AG.

Frankie: Men's Bottoms Designer

“Trying to re-invent the wheel isn't necessarily my goal.” - Frankie, Men's Bottoms Designer"

For Frankie, the goal is not to reinvent the wheel but to refine it. As the Men's Bottoms Designer, he appreciates the timeless appeal of classic designs. His approach reflects the belief that sometimes, the most enduring styles are those that honor tradition rather than chase fleeting trends.

In these conversations, we uncover the hearts and minds behind AG's enduring designs, where every stitch, every detail, and every garment is a testament to our commitment to slow fashion. Explore the world of AG through the eyes of our dedicated designers and discover the pieces that are destined to become classics.