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More Than My Appearance | Intro

More Than My Appearance | Intro

At AG Jeans, we've always believed in being more than just a denim company. To stay true to this ethos, we continually push ourselves to see the world through the eyes of inspiring individuals who offer us fresh perspectives, a sense of purpose, and a vital connection to the world around us. Our latest endeavor, the MORE THAN campaign, is a testament to this commitment, featuring the empowering hashtag #MoreThan.

With the MORE THAN campaign, we're on a mission to peel back the layers of societal expectations and pressures. We're shining a spotlight on those who boldly challenge the status quo and daringly challenge the belief that traditional binaries should define us. In doing so, we're striving to bridge the divide between the overt and the covert, the persona and the person. This campaign is about revealing what makes AG Jeans more than just a denim company—it's about redefining boundaries.

More Than My Appearance

As we embark on this journey, we're posing a thought-provoking question to all of you: How are you MORE THAN your appearances? We recognize that our outward appearances often hold a profound influence over our lives. They shape how others perceive us, dictate societal expectations, and even impact how we view ourselves and the heights we allow ourselves to reach. By asking this question, we're peeling back the superficial layers that we present to the world and delving deeper into our authentic selves. It's about challenging the notion that what meets the eye is the whole story and unearthing our true essence.

In essence, the MORE THAN campaign is a bridge that connects the obvious and the concealed, the façade and the genuine self, and, most importantly, everything that makes AG Jeans more than just a denim company. Join us in this exciting journey of self-discovery and redefinition as we strive to be more than ever before.