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The ANGEL low-rise boot

The ANGEL low-rise boot

the ANGEL low rise boot 
is officially back.

Our most-requested fit returns by popular demand.

Re-introducing our nostalgic low-rise chic, a 2000’s top-seller, this fit features a staple women’s bootcut and flattering low-rise that can only be the Angel.

With nostalgia driving some of the biggest denim trends of 2024, our designers didn’t have to look far to find the perfect source of inspiration. Fresh from the AG archives, one of our most iconic fits is back by popular demand this spring.

For many, our Angel low-rise bootcut women’s jeans need no introduction. It’s the fit that put AG on the map and quickly achieved best-seller status upon its debut in the early 2000s. In fact, Angel is our most-requested style of all time, and OG fans ask for it by name. Now’s the perfect moment to get reacquainted with this fan favorite, so we’re giving you the lowdown on Angel’s long-awaited return.

This Fit Made Us Famous

What’s in a fit? In a word: everything. Angel just might be the most flattering pair of jeans on the planet. Featuring timeless five-pocket construction with an 8.5-inch front rise, these women’s low-rise bootcut jeans sit below the navel and hug close to the body before opening into a subtle flare. The silhouette enhances curves and elongates the figure like nothing else out there.

Now In Two Lengths

You’ve got options when it comes to inseam lengths. The classic Angel features a 31-inch inseam. Now there’s also a version with a longer inseam length. The Angel Extended has a 33-inch inseam that’s perfect for taller women and those who like to wear their denim with heels or slightly pooled at the hems. Speaking of hems, you’ll find Angel with clean, finished hems and also raw hems for a cool undone character.

The Fabric? Perfection.

If you know, you know. We’re meticulous about our fabrics—not just the way they look, but the way they feel, the way they move, the way they keep the integrity of our fits no matter how long you wear them. Whether you’re looking for denim with a touch of stretch or the softest denim you’ve ever felt, it’s all top notch and you really can’t go wrong. If you’re obsessed with softness, go for AG Cloud Soft Denim™. It’s specially constructed to get softer every time you wear it.

Washes For Every Mood

Like fit and fabric, our washes are always on point. Angel ensures you’ve got a wash for every situation. White denim and light indigo shades with an AG-ed™ vintage finish are just right for brightening your look for spring and summer. Meanwhile, classic dark wash denim has all-around appeal that can be dressed up or down for day or night, work or weekend—now, later, and forever. 

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