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Discover the Chimayo Story

In the rugged landscapes of Northern New Mexico, a legendary seventh-generation weaver and AG Jeans come together to create something truly exceptional. This special collaboration brings you stunningly beautiful examples of traditional artwork, framed in AG's perfectly aged denim jackets. Welcome to the Chimayo Story - a celebration of heritage, craftsmanship, and passion.

Handmade in USA: The cinematic dreamscapes of Northern New Mexico and the historic Río Grande serve as the wellspring of inspiration for the vivid hand-woven artwork on each unique piece. These creations embody the rich cultural heritage of the Chimayó region and pay homage to some of the most acclaimed weavers in the country. This is a labor-intensive process, a true labor of love, resulting in a truly special offering.

A Centuries-Old Craft: Imagine a centuries-old craft, passed down through generations. Picture a ranch of Navajo-Churro sheep, their wool prized for its luster and silk-like appearance as it ages. Visualize a husband and wife team who painstakingly boil, process, spin, and dye the yarn. Envision artisan hands meticulously weaving traditional patterns. This is the heartwarming story of tradition and the passionate commitment to its preservation.

Traditional Techniques with a Twist: While rooted in tradition, the Chimayo collaboration doesn't shy away from exploring new horizons. Vibrant colors and geometric shapes seem to dance on these creations, celebrating the traditional craft while infusing it with a fresh, dynamic energy.

A Rich History: Churro sheep first arrived in New Mexico in 1540 with Coronado's expedition. These hardy creatures produced wool with a unique luster that became prized over time. By the 1800s, New Mexico was home to a thriving industry of sheepherders, spinners, and weavers. The Chimayo collaboration pays homage to this rich history, embracing the legacy of a time when craftsmanship was king.

Meet the Master Weaver: Irvin Trujillo, a seventh-generation master weaver, and his celebrated weaver wife, Lisa, opened their gallery in 1982. Irvin's work can be found in numerous museum collections, including the Smithsonian American Art Museum. His contributions to the world of weaving have earned him the Spanish Market-Lifetime Achievement Award and the prestigious NEA National Heritage Fellowship.

Intricately woven, deeply rooted in tradition, and touched by the hands of passionate artisans, AG's Chimayo collaboration is a testament to the beauty of craftsmanship. Explore this fusion of heritage and contemporary style, where the stories of the past find new life in every stitch. Discover AG's perfectly aged denim jackets, transformed into stunning canvases of artistry, and become a part of the Chimayo legacy.