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More Than My Appearance | Ryan Feng

More Than My Appearance | Ryan Feng

#MORETHAN with Ryan Feng

Continuing the momentum of AG’s MORE THAN campaign is creative quadfecta, Ryan Feng. Emerging on our silver and blue screens as one parts of Quest Crew, AKA “America’s Best Dance Crew” Season 3 and 8 winners, Feng came into the spotlight at a significant time for Asian American artists.
Discover what being MORE THAN means to Feng and how he sees appearances as both a layer and an opportunity.

Though we’ve come to see the medium of dance and choreography as seemingly saturated with the faces of Asian minorities, the Emmy award-winning 36 year-old recalls a time when that wasn’t always the case. 
Beginning with humble roots as one of the only Asian kids in his neighborhood, Feng took on the mythical “Bruce Lee Martial Arts Master” stereotype as a means of surviving ostracization and potential bullying.

"When I first moved to America, the kids around me didn't really have a bearing as to what I was. Their only reference for someone who looked like me was Bruce Lee. I was able to avoid potential bullying because I played up the martial arts stereotype. You could say that that was my first performance."