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Save Weddington

Save Weddington


Championing Green Spaces: AG’s Collaboration with Save Weddington

In the midst of the urban jungle that is Los Angeles, verdant oases like the Weddington Golf & Tennis stand out, not just as patches of green, but as symbols of the community's soul. They remind us that while skyscrapers and highways define a city's silhouette, it's spaces like these that breathe life into it.

We at AG are taking a stand to safeguard one such cherished space. In collaboration with Save Weddington, we're rallying the community to protect and preserve these invaluable 16 acres—a home to over 400 mature trees and a wide spectrum of wildlife. A serene retreat, this sanctuary attracts over 100,000 Angelenos annually, offering them an escape with its 9-hole golf course, extensive driving range, and 16 tennis courts.

Our efforts go beyond mere words. Inspired by the iconic attire characteristic of golf and racquet sports, we’ve crafted a collection that's an homage to Weddington’s rich sports heritage and LA's laid-back athleisure style. Even better, a segment of the proceeds from this collection directly benefits Save Weddington, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This is more than fashion; it's fashion with a mission.

Yet, the path ahead demands collective action. Save Weddington is ardently advocating for this cause, but they require the strength of numbers. Their call to action is simple: raise awareness, reach out to council members, and amplify their mission with generous funding.

Our plea is heartfelt. Join us in this endeavor to ensure that such verdant retreats are not lost in the relentless march of urbanization. Because at the heart of every thriving city, there’s a green space that's beating, breathing, and echoing the tales of the community that cherishes it. Let's save Weddington Golf & Tennis together.