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The difference between selvedge, selfvage, and self edge denim? Besides the country of origin, there isn’t a difference at all. Known as “selvedge” in British English and “selvage” in the US, all terms originate from the term “self-edge.” Why is selvedge denim better, you ask? Selvedge denim is self-finished with a thin woven band on both edges of the denim to prevent unravelling and fraying. Not only that, but only a certain kind of loom can create the iconic look of that heritage red and white piping on the inside of your jeans. Woven strictly on old-fashioned shuttle looms, a pair of selfedge jeans requires time, patience, and specialty denim fabric that upholds the standard. Are raw denim and selvedge denim the same? No, not quite. Raw denim is purely an unwashed, rigid pair of jeans made from 100% cotton. Raw denim creates stiff edges and allows the wearer to break in his or her pair of jeans with their own unique wear lines. Rigid, non-stretch jeans are genuine expressions of denim and should be seen as an artform. The tradition of denim that most denim heads will understand is how denim becomes a part of the wearer, not the other way around. You might think that pre-washed jeans are more comfortable, but that’s only off-the-rack. Raw denim will mold to your exact body and lifestyle over time, creating unique whiskers at the front seat and the covetable honeycombs behind the knees. Whether you’re looking for a selvedge jean with comfort stretch denim that requires no break-in period, or the unadulterated raw selvedge jean that acts as your own personal canvas, luckily for you AG Jeans has just what you’re looking for. Available in two best-selling fits, The Dylan Slim Skinny Jean for men and the men’s Tellis Modern Slim Jean, selvage jeans are just a click away in some of the most premium denim fabrics available. Both stretch and non-stretch varieties are sourced directly from Japan for the most luxurious take on the self edge jean for men. Also available in the new Solomon Slouchy Tapered Crop Jean, selvedge denim never looked so modern in this new moody indigo with added stretch. Our heaviest 14.5 oz raw denim also comes from Japan for a pure heritage look. To add an interesting take on your heritage denim, style a head-to-toe look in our Foreman wash, a vintage-inspired stripe on a vivid, indigo rich wash with added stretch for a quality heritage look with all the comforts of modern technology. Designer selvedge jeans never felt so good.

AG Jeans is a leader in sustainable fashion and eco-friendly apparel.