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More Than A Woman | Maha Dakhil

More Than A Woman | Maha Dakhil

#MORETHAN A Women with Maha Dakhil

In the third installment of our Women's Series for the MORE THAN Campaign, we delve into the complexities of gender with Maha Dakhil, an Agent at Creative Artists Agency, Co-Founder of Times Up, and a remarkable woman who is currently eight months pregnant. Maha offers profound insights into what it means to be #MORETHAN just a woman and shares her vision for the future of Times Up.

Maha Dakhil: Empowerment in the Face of Challenges Maha opens up about her feelings, emphasizing that while she doesn't feel powerless, she often encounters situations where others attempt to make her feel that way. She reflects on her upbringing and how her family's values encouraged her to view herself as a person in the world rather than solely defined by her gender. However, she acknowledges the external markers and expectations that categorize individuals by gender, from clothing choices to speech patterns.

Reclaiming Feminism: A Universal Movement Maha shares her perspective on the word "feminist" and how its meaning has evolved over time. In her college years, it felt like a loaded term, but today, it has become more universally embraced. To her, feminism transcends gender; it is a belief in the equality of all individuals. Feminism, in her view, is synonymous with "humanism."

The Power of Balance: Freedom to Be She touches on the scrutiny experienced as the only representative of a certain gender in a room, highlighting the importance of balance. When there is more gender diversity, individuals feel freer to be themselves without the weight of being the sole representative.

Times Up: Shaping a New Reality Maha discusses the origins of Times Up, born from the pain of the Me Too Movement and sexual assault survivors. The organization's mission is to transform the structure of institutions, striving for equality in boardrooms, hiring practices, workplace behavior, and compensation. These structural changes are fundamental to the vision of Times Up.

A Hope for Change: A World Where We Are All Equal Maha acknowledges the repetitive nature of discussions around gender rights in the current world. Yet, she hopes for a future where these conversations become obsolete because gender rights are universally upheld. The ultimate goal of Times Up is to achieve its mission and become unnecessary by ushering in a world where gender equality is a given.

In this chapter of the MORE THAN Campaign, AG Jeans celebrates individuals like Maha Dakhil, who transcend gender stereotypes and embody the belief that we are all #MORETHAN our gender. Join us in exploring the multifaceted experiences and aspirations of remarkable women throughout this enlightening series.