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Vegan Leather

Vegan Leather

An extraordinary alternative, it might be better than the real thing.

Supple.  Easy.  Sustainable.

At AG Jeans, we've always been deeply committed to elevating fashion in both design and ethics. Our latest capsule embodies this principle with a revolutionary step forward in sustainable vegan leather. Let us immerse you in this new-age material that's not only about the look but about conscience and care for our environment.

Imagine the softest, most supple leather you've ever touched. Now, imagine it being crafted without compromising on ethical standards, without using animals, and without leaving a carbon footprint. This is the essence of our new vegan leather, designed with organic biomass and innovative non-animal based vegan leather that completely rule out the use of toxic DMF chemicals. It's more than just an alternative; it's a testament to how fashion can harmoniously coexist with nature.

The real magic? It's not just about what's on the outside. Flip our vegan leather, and you'll find a lining derived from recycled poly. This lining doesn’t just talk sustainability; it also provides a lush, sueded hand touch. It's this attention to detail that gives our vegan leather an undeniably authentic feel—like genuine leather, but without the associated environmental and ethical concerns.

Comparing it with our previous vegan leather, the advancements are evident. Our new waterborne polyurethane is slightly thicker, radiating an authenticity that’s unparalleled. Its supple nature echoes the softness of real leather, all while maintaining our stand against animal use.

Fashion's future is sustainable, and at AG Jeans, we're excited to be part of this journey. Dive into this capsule, and you're not just embracing a trend; you're championing a movement. A movement towards ethical, sustainable fashion that doesn’t compromise on style or substance. Join us in making conscious choices, because the future of fashion is green, and it’s chic.