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Pursuing sustainability in a sustainable way

Denim is a dirty business. That's why AG decided to do things a little differently.


We live our lives in denim, but it’s hard to ignore the impact that it has on our environment. With the installation of two new water filtration systems, AG is committed to making sustainable denim for all the future generations.​
Making a difference

AG’s state-of-the-art water filtration systems have recycled over 20,000,000 ​gallons of water.

Raising the standard

Every year, we push to do more. Our goal is to recycle 50 million gallons of water per year—that’s 75 olympic sized pools, 1.25 million bathtubs, 500 million 12 oz cups of water, or 417 million lbs.

Our Squeaky Clean Process
Step 1 / Collection
This is denim waste water
Our Squeaky Clean Process
Step 2 / Separation
Trap and eliminate impurities
Our Squeaky Clean Process
Step 3 / Clarification
Filter out the denim sludge
Our Squeaky Clean Process
Step 4 / Ultrafiltration
Sanitize the water
Our Squeaky Clean Process
Step 5 / Reverse Osmosis
Complete purification
Our Squeaky Clean Process
Step 6 / Repeat
Sustainability is a mindset
Sustainability looks good on you

All AG garments are now produced using recycled water from our Los Angeles and Mexico facilities. Green denim never looked so good.

Green denim care for your home

Save energy and save your jeans with these quick tips on how to care for your denim at home.

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