Carly Russ

Vintage fanatic, rock princess and overall fashion babe, Carly Russ started modeling when she was only 13 years old. After developing her successful career as a model in the fashion industry, she began blending her love for music with the connections she’d made in the fashion scene. Her first musical venture Girlyboi received praise in major publications such as Vogue, V Magazine and i-D and had a long list of notable fans, including Heidi Slimane. But she didn’t stop there. After Girlyboi disbanded, Carly began rebranding herself as a solo artist (we can’t give you her new stage name since it’s still hush-hush) and decided to again push her love of fashion to the next level by launching her own business, Vintage Valentine, curating vintage threads for “all the girls and boys”. She is currently exploring how she can combine her love of vintage, modeling and music, proving that she is truly more than just a pretty face.

Fall 18 More Than

More Than

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Tell us what's happening with your music right now.

I am currently working on a solo album right now. I can't release the name yet, but it's going to be kind of spacey folk sounding. I'm currently recording right now, and I hope to have an EP out by October or November.

Who are some people that inspire you and your music?

Gosh, I really love Debbie Harry, obviously. She's a total badass. But I have to say, when I was younger the two people I was absolutely obsessed with were Celine Dion and Cher. Those are my icons that kind of gave me the love I have for music.

What inspires you during shoots?

I think what inspires me while shooting or doing music is a really good five-minute pump up sesh where I'm listening to Cher or Debbie Harry or Heart - Heart is my favorite band to listen to when I need to pump myself up and get the jitters out. They make me feel badass when I'm listening to them. I think having a good playlist on when I'm shooting or when I'm about to go on stage.

What does it mean to be “more than” in your opinion?

To be more than is to have depth, to be able to speak your mind, to have an opinion. That's more than to me. Being an individual, being unique, that's more than. Bubba is more than. He's more than just a dog.

How do you feel about Girlyboi now?

I mean it brought me to where I am today I think gave me the confidence to do something on my own which is huge because it was hard for me to do it with someone else in the first place. I was not a huge performer. I get stage fright. But it's given me the confidence to really know that I can do it by myself which is really huge for me.

You just said you have stage fright, so when you perform do you take inspiration from someone you admire or do you just do your own thing?

I have a routine before I go out onstage where I look at myself in the mirror and I tell myself I can do it, which is so cheesy, but it really helps me. I have a pep talk with myself. "You can do this. You're badass. Get out there and don't be a baby." And it works every time. I don't enjoy everybody watching me 24/7, but it's a gift I was given so I need to use it. It'd be a total waste if I didn't.

We know you are a die hard vintage hoarder and have your own online Vintage store, what’s it called?

Vintage Valentine. Our clothes can be a little over the top and kitschy but they are always romantic and to me, I imagine an extravagant Las Vegas hotel room on Valentine’s Day with a heart shaped tub, rose pedals all over the place, the smell of cheap cologne and hairspray, with lots of glitter and rich colors. Hence, Valentine.

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